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The discovery of a prayer for the welfare of a Hasmonean king among the Qumran texts is unexpected because the community may have vehemently opposed the Hasmoneans.Talking to a couples therapist about your relationship can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

However, confidentiality with couples is complicated as therapists differ on their preferences regarding secrets between partners, especially if “the couple” is considered the client.Instead, the therapist should seek to understand both partners so that each of you gets what you want from the relationship and from therapy.You will discuss your goals for therapy, and the therapist will ask questions to assess the problems affecting your relationship and evaluate the strengths each of you brings into the partnership.Although the original version was lost in antiquity, portions of a Greek translation were discovered in Egypt and quotations were known from the Church Fathers. This hymn, which was not included in the biblical Book of Psalms, is familiar, however, from the tenth-century Syriac Psalter. The text was penned on the grain side of a sheep skin. The vertical lines aligned the columns and margins; the horizontal lines served as guidelines from which the scribe suspended his letters.

The discovery of the texts from Qumran Cave 4 has finally provided parts of the Aramaic original. The Books of Enoch: Aramaic Fragments of Qumran Cave 4. The exhibit captions and translations (below) provide background on the fragments and their relationships with the other Dead Sea Scrolls, the Qumran Community, and its Library. In the commentary, the unfaithful ones have been led astray by "the man of the lie." The document states that the affliction befalling those led astray is famine. The form of the tab--probably part of a fastening--seems to indicate that the extant text was at the beginning of the scroll, which was originally longer. This is the lowermost portion (approximately one-fifth of the original height) of the final six columns of the original manuscript.


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