Learning centers to accommadating blind students

[3] Some schools will provide extensive aid for the purpose of accommodating visually impaired students in the music classroom, including spending a significant amount of money converting textbooks to Braille.

My university did not do this, but it did provide excellent peer tutors and guides.

Had I known about it at the time, a slate and stylus (Figure 1, item 1) could have worked as well.

I would play the examples, she would tell me the answers, and I would notate them.

Somehow I need to find ways to do written and aural skills with her.

We do have a resource center to help out, but they apparently haven’t had to deal with a blind musician before. This information enabled me to seek out further resources, some of which are contained in Figures 1–4 below.

Hearing-impaired students may not be as aware as deaf students of how important distance is to understanding speech (Blair 71-73).

If such students consistently arrive late, they may sit in the back, which may significantly affect their ability to comprehend.


Dictation [7] At first, I gave dictation quizzes to my blind student privately or had her tutor administer them, since she did not have a laptop or other electronic note taker (see Figure 2) to use in class.

Another source of valuable information is the spooler, which can provide data about printer traffic, hard disk space, spooler errors, and other printing maintenance issues.

Use the following procedure to enable spooler event logging.

I strongly encourage you to examine your feelings and beliefs about blindness frequently as you work with your blind student this school year.

Addressing each need of students with visual impairments and improving overall accessibility are vital to their academic success.[5] Because my student had transferred from another local school, she did not come through our first-year theory class, which would have given me a lot more notice, and I could have drawn upon the experience of my colleagues.



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