Law mandating auto parts availability validating duplicate records in asp net

I can especially see the feds regulating availability of parts related to federal emissions and safety standards.On the flip side an unresolved warranty claim is purely a civil matter, so the need for such a federal law eludes [email protected]: I'm not claiming that car warranties are different to consumer electronics. I'm claiming they are shorter than the 5-20 years in the claim.This site suggests 3 or 4 years covers the [email protected] Gritty Brick: Would I be correct in assuming your answer is that the manufacturer (who offers the warranty) MAY (as it is a 'limited' variety) only apply to parts required for them to honor the terms of the warranty?

They need not make or stock these parts themselves.

The act applies to all consumer products, not just to automotive vehicles.

The claim is false (or at least misleading) in almost all respects.

I have also heard this claim from various people over the years, with numbers ranging from 5 years to 20.

It seems reasonable, and was stated in one of the Snopes threads linked above, and implied in the answer (specifying California law), that manufacturers would need to provide parts necessary to fulfill their requirements under warranty.

However, as is often the case, it springs from a kernel of truth.


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