Is bridgette still dating hugh hefner


Bridget Marquardt, the third musketeer who appeared on Garcelle Beauvais and Kristen Brockman earlier today, and if you're anticipating Marquardt to pick sides, she's going not going to.

But, she is going to keep it real."It's kind of sad. It's kind of like, it's not like a sisterhood, it's not like friends, I mean it is friends, but it's something totally different than any other relationship you could possibly imagine," the engaged reality star began to explain."And so in that sense, it kind of makes me sad, but at the same time, I mean, Holly came out with a book and she gave her experience.

On one of his infamous movie nights, Hef was showing the 1939 classic, .

She's currently launching several projects of her own, not to mention getting ready for her favorite holiday: Halloween (she's keeping mum on her costume for now! Recently, I had the chance to catch up with her in the midst of her promoting Durex's new "Get A Room" campaign.

"There's been a long track record of things, you know, so I think that that's definitely a step in the right direction, and we both feel really good about it.

I could vent to her, and she would listen, but even more than that she always had a solution for whatever was bothering me.

If she thought it was absurd, she had her way of letting you know that too.

"But I'm not sure, she must be referring to the first book that Holly wrote, not the one that's coming out right now. I asked her, she hasn't read it."The duo recently had a heart-to-heart about their time together at the Playboy Mansion on , and Kendra recognized she handled the aftermath of her friendship with Bridget incorrectly."You know, I did have—as we all did, probably, a hard time transitioning into like a world outside the mansion," Kendra told her.

Aside from her feud with Holly, Kendra also made comments saying she and Bridget were never friends, which she now seems to regret.

Since leaving, I've also had a chance to work on my own costume line, designing higher end costumes, picking out every piece — it's all inspired by mansion parties, shows or other projects.


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