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Any establishment or undertaking that carries out disposal operations must obtain a permit.This also applies in the case of operations that may lead to recovery, although this requirement may be waived where the recovery method poses no danger to human health or to the environment or if the Member State has adopted and notified to the Commission general measures laying down conditions for the recovery method concerned.The Member States are to ensure that hazardous waste is recorded and identified.They must also ensure that different categories of hazardous waste are not mixed and that hazardous waste is not mixed with non-hazardous waste, save where the necessary measures have been taken to safeguard human health and the environment.

The list of hazardous wastes covered by the Directive has been drawn up on the basis of the categories *, constituents and properties set out in the Annexes to the Directive. The Annexes can be amended in the light of scientific and technical progress.The competent authorities must publish plans for the management of hazardous waste, to be evaluated by the Commission.In the event of an emergency or a grave danger, Member States may derogate temporarily from the Directive so that hazardous waste does not pose a threat to the population or the environment.In particular, there are doubts as regards the enforcement of the mixing ban and the related exemptions from this ban and permit requirements.

The regularity of inspections was not ensured by several Member States.In most Member States hazardous waste is covered by the general waste management plans adopted under the framework directive on waste.



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