Hearing aid dating dating dads with kids

Though he had long hair for a boy, it was not enough to get tangled in my giant peace earrings.We searched for the problem, and found that his thick glasses were caught inside my hearing aid tube.


I worked for over 5 years as a hearing aid electronics tech....h/a's are not indestructable, though many have tried!! No one can hear anything if their hearing aid is full of wax.Absent from this long list of warnings are instructions on how to proceed through the infamous dating game with a hearing loss.After wiggling, jiggling, and lots of giggling, we finally separated ourselves enough to eat quesadillas.

I still smile when I remember that story and think to myself, “Boy, I did not see that one coming when I started dating.” that time, however, I did not know the funniest of hearing-aid complications was yet to come.

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