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“Strangely, he personally requested to wrestle me,” said Judd, 30. I am pretty sure he thinks I will be an easy competitor."He challenged me to an arm wrestle once and he won easily so maybe it was that.Background Born Winnie Ruth, while employed at the Grunow Medical Clinic in Phoenix, Judd met Agnes Anne Le Roi, an X-Ray Technician who worked at the clinic, and her roommate, Hedvig Samuelson.Le Roi and Samuelson had become close friends while living in Alaska and then moved together to Phoenix for its drier climate after Samuelson contracted tuberculosis. Judd left Phoenix to start a practice in Los Angeles, leaving his wife in Phoenix.I’m going to have to up my game a little bit there.” This is the fifth time the Standard’s Dispossessed Fund has joined forces with Sport Relief and Comic Relief.So far, £4 million in donations has gone to 271 projects tackling social exclusion across the city.For Harry Judd, the Mc Fly drummer crowned Strictly Come Dancing king in 2011, it came as a surprise: Paddy Mc Guinness, host of hit dating show Take Me Out, wanted to wrestle him.


He said: “They offered me the rhythmic gymnastics, which I would have agreed to. She was like, ‘Do you have to do the wrestling and do you have to do the cycling?

‘At that moment it’d really hit her that this was her man with another girl. She said, “Just don’t talk to me now – speak to me in the morning.”‘ Last month, Alesha Dixon appeared on Alan Carr ‘s Channel 4 chat show Chatty Man, apparently tipsy, and claimed that being on the show ignited many contestants’ passions.



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    He was also fond of dressing up in a cloak and playing ethereal music on the glass harmonica whilst this was happening.

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