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For example, if your child has trouble with writing, the teacher might let him give answers to a test verbally. They don’t change what kids are taught or tested on.

Instead, they support kids’ ability to learn well in the classroom and show their knowledge on tests by removing obstacles.

In general, accommodations change your child is learning.

When used correctly, accommodations can give your child a better chance of showing what he’s learned so he can succeed at school.

If your child’s access to an accommodation is being reduced or denied, take a look at these ways to respond.


At some point during the application process, Abercrombie informed Elauf that she would not be hired because her hijab was in violation of the company’s “Look Policy,” which required employees to dress consistently with the looks and clothing in the store and also prohibits the wearing of “caps.” Elauf wears the hijab for religious reasons, but did not inform the employer during the interview.

If you’re thinking about pursuing special education services, informal accommodations could be a way to start figuring out what helps your child in the classroom (and what doesn’t).


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