Feedburner feed not updating blogger dating more than one girl same time

If your feed is valid, then this is not the problem for you.

If it finds any error in your feed, you will see the issues highlighted in Yellow.

Differences IPv4 Vs IPv6 Bash environment on Windows: This is not Cygwin Private Browsing by securing tracks on your disk Content filtering software: Testing for Partial/MIME messages Mounting NFS share hangs on VMware ESX server Today I had faced very strange problem with feedburner feeds.

I had a new post on my blog and things are not reflecting on feedburner URL.

In that post, it says, he could fix it by pinging the URL in troubleshoot tab inside your feedburner page, but whenever I pinged my URL, I got this message, “Your Ping resulted in an Error..”.


If they can, then patience is the best course of action.

My wordpress feed not updating and my fedburner email feed was still not updated to my recent post.



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