Expat dating in hong kong machan dating ua


One of the first things expats may notice, and one of the obstacles they’ll have to overcome, is the noise.

Hong Kong is a business city and the residents work hard to play hard; crowds are large and tight, trains are packed and restaurants are full.

While the Western style of dating might hold prominence for expats and the younger generation, it’s still far from being accepted in the traditional Chinese ‘dating scene’.

Be careful with your commitments if you’re dating a Chinese partner; a few dates might not mean much in the UK or US, but in Hong Kong it can be an indication of unspoken commitment.

Learning how Hong Kong works is essential for your relationship building, whether you’re finding friends or looking for love.If your Chinese partner tells you that they miss you or like you, they may have singled you out as a spouse.Having dinner at your partner’s parent’s house in the Western world might not be a big deal – it probably means that you’re not embroiled in a temporary fling but it’s far from an indication of what’s to come.As an extension of this, conversation with locals in Hong Kong can be a very different experience.

It’s not uncommon for Westerners to tell friends that they miss them, like them, love them even; but words are a lot more literal in traditional Chinese culture.Everything from tennis to embroidery, local councils to horticulture – socialising is a big part of life here and any chance to indulge is swiftly taken.



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