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In 1600–1601, as a result of the siege of Giorgio Basta, the fortress turned to ruins.In 1602, the troops of Gergely Németh put on fire the remaining houses of the town, therefore, in 1602 the reconstruction of the fortress was started on the advice of mayor Tamás Borsos, but it was actually built between 16.In 1658 Turkish and Tartarian troops invaded the city and burned it, 3000 people were taken into captivity.In 1661, as no one showed willingness to accept the duty of prince, under Turkish pressure Mihály Apafi was elected prince of Transylvania here .In 1704, the kuruc troops of Pál Kaszás occupied the fortress, which was re-occupied by Austrian troops led by Lőrinc Pekry in 1706.On 5 April 1707 Francis II Rákóczi was raised to the chair of princes here.After, World War II, the spelling of the city's name was changed to Tîrgu Mureș following a 1953 spelling reform that replaced the letter â with î in all words.


All three were demolished after World War I between 1919 in 1923 after Transylvania became part of Romania.In 1707 the city was struck by the plague with more than 3500 deaths.The black death renewed in 1709, 1719 and in 1738–39.In 1662, resulting from the negligence of the Turkish military residing here, the city almost completely burnt down.

In 1687 it was devastated by German imperial troops.Mózes Székely the only prince of Szekler origin visited the city in 1603 when he liberated Transylvania from foreign domination.


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