Emily blunt dating john


It was love at first sight according to John Krasinski, "It was one of those things where I wasn't really looking for a relationship and I was thinking I'm going to take my time in L. Women can’t have it all, disparaging voices often say, but Emily Blunt does — plus a partner who appreciates her hard work and sees how invaluable a role model she is for their two daughters.PHOTOS: Most In-Love Celebrity Couples Check out the sweet kiss on the cheek.Emily also of course thanked her husband of four years in her acceptance speech, joking about her more muscular physique courtesy of shooting the intense action film alongside Tom Cruise.VIDEO: Emily Blunt Reacts to Golden Globes Nom -- From Dubai!

The real-life Jim Halpert is just as sweet when it comes to the woman he loves!LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 15: Actors John Krasinski (L) and Emily Blunt attend the 20th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on January 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.(Photo : Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images) John Krasinki and Emily Blunt got married in 2010 after dating for two years. He knows every single one of Anne Hathaway's outfits down pat." She recalled, "I remember it came on one time when we first started dating and he was watching the montage where she has all the different amazing outfits, when he was watching he goes, 'And that's my favorite outfit.' I was like, 'Get a grip.' John does know a good movie when he sees one.John Krasinski may consider himself an average, goofy kind of guy, but I think I speak for all women when I say he's an absolute star ridiculously funny and super handsome, but you can just tell he's one of the good ones.

In fact, one of the most adorable things about him is his love for wife Emily Blunt.

The popular couple has been married since July 2010.



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