Elliv island dating game

I had a date with Ellie, but it hasn't gone well since I had too little information to answer to her personal questions!! I won the game conquering Ellie..game is so boreing i was so tired of playing it the only reason i finished it was cuz i wanted to c how it would end!!!

Then again, I don't really play dating sims in general. În acest joc Flash Love Game simplu, folosiţi trucurile feminine pentru a atrage bărbaţi.Cu cât mai mulţi vă vor urma, cu atât mai uşor va fi să învingeţi alte femei care sunt în competiţie pentru atenţia bărbaţilor. Alte două titluri îndrăgite de îndrăgostiţi sunt Joc de flirtat oriental şi Testul dragostei.Find in 100 days the exact girlfriend and bring her to your town.


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