Did demi lovato dating chris brown

The foursome and six other friends showed up at midnight.

“They didn’t buy any concessions they just went straight to the movie at midnight.

Selena smiled and took a picture with her,” another observer tells Hollywood Life.

“It didn’t look like any of them even had bodyguards.” “Everyone in the theater couldn’t believe they were all here together,” an additional witness explains. They were all jumping up and down around each other like kids.


As if the combo of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez wasn’t enough, the teen scene’s hottest couple recently hit the town with their good friends Chris Brown and Demi Lovato.Fresh off her chart-topping collaboration with Tinie Tempah Not Letting Go, the singer-songwriter is back as a headliner with DBSHOY; a sunny and uplifting number with a singalong chorus that could well be her fifth Number 1 when it’s released next month. After Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had their Victoria’s Secret mall date they met up with Selena’s renewed BFF Demi Lovato and Justin’s friend Chris Brown for a midnight showing of at Arc Light theaters in Sherman Oaks, California.Selena and Demi were especially affectionate with each other. If you didn’t recognize them you’d think they were a bunch of regular high schoolers.” It’s no wonder Demi and Selena were being affectionate, considering the former BFFs recently started to mend their once-strained relationship.

Bieber and Brown are also homies, and the dynamic duo just wrapped filming their collaborative video for the song ‘Next 2 You.’ Check out some pictures from on the set of the video below!

A year later, her mother married Eddie De La Garza and Demi's new family expanded when her younger sister, Madison De La Garza, was born.



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