Delicious rss feed not updating i m dating service

Step 2 In this step, you setup the social accounts you want new feed items to post to.

To select a Twitter account for RSS feed updates to post to, simply use the dropdown for Twitter accounts that you have previously authorized, or use the Authenticate Twitter to connect the feed to the Twitter account by logging into Twitter and using the OAuth system. The default settings of for Twitter accounts is twitterfeed and twitter, which will append ?

Let’s say that you wanted to setup a feed for Mashable, but your audience is only interested in stories about You Tube.

That’s not a problem with the keyword filter – just check the box add You Tube as a keyword – this means that only posts with You Tube are posted to your social accounts.

Click on Create Services to save this RSS feed to update your chosen Twitter account.



Pros of Automatic RSS Feed Updating Aside from missing out on your favorite bloggers’ posts, updating your feed automatically with one of these services allows you to: Now, let’s take a look at Twitterfeed and Hoot Suite RSS works.

You can also connect Twitterfeed to update new RSS feed items to Facebook, Ping. Hoot Suite is my favorite tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts.


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