David deangelo interviews with dating gurus brent

We are large and growing community, with over 10,000 available downloads and more being added regularly. Self is the leading destination for self-help downloads.Please state sources where possible to make our job easier to verify the correctness of the information. Even if you aren’t following the Christmas tradition, many of you will be joining loved ones in celebration of the winter holidays and the upcoming new year.I did that when I could not recieve some of the interviews when my address changed after hurricane katrina here in new orleans. I recently moved, and for some reason I didn't receive any CD's for 2 months.I sent them an email telling them this, and within a week they sent them to me.********************* As much as we have reasons to rejoice (hey, the Mayans were wrong. ), I know that some of you guys will still feel the sting of not having a special someone to share cheers with.So it is to you that I am happy to announce the immediate release of my Charming Rogue audio program.


Mystery hasn't done an IDG yet (about time he did though ).

Having originally appeared in David De Angelo's "Interviews with Dating Gurus" series, Brent Smith became well known in the seduction and pick up artist community as someone who could teach you 'social lifestyle skills'.

He moniker has been teaching men how to build a lifestyle that attracts people to you naturally.

Our massive catalog includes health and fitness books, pickup/seduction techniques, body language and confidence downloads, and much, much more.


Brent Smith was originally one of the inspirations for 's dating system and his e Book.

The interview was done when Ross Jeffries released a product called "Method & Masters" where he interviews David D.



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