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The reality is that Westerners who have not set foot in Asia don't have a clue (Hong Kong Island or the expat bubble your friend lives in is not 'Asia').;-) Other Western expats in Asia have barely scratched the surface of the Oriental culture they live in.Perhaps you’ve considered dating for fun and if things work out with the other person, you’ll become more committed to the relationship and it will be a success.I’ve spoken to singles who have made it crystal clear that all they want is a relaxed, easy going ‘bit of casual fun.’ They’ve communicated they’re not looking for anything serious and most definitely not in a place in their lives to give total attention to a full time relationship.Now when I say 'different' I mean that their culture and upbringing is radical compared to ours.This will show itself on how you meet and go on dates with an Asian lady!


Looks and sounds just like Timmy, and is very sturdy and well made. The only but huge downfall his soft white wool attracts EVERYTHING. Timmy has been hand washed with I think every stain removal soap under the sun by now, and he's still tacky and grey. As I write this, Timmy has gone to over , so I have no idea if people will even need a review! I have used a lint brush, those little machines to take the balls off of sweaters, and a lint sticky roll - that made it worse, as its now sticky too!


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