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But my level of comfort is somewhere around conservative.My question is whether there is a way to meet in the middle. If I speak to a rabbi, he will advise me to become more religious.For example, your fiancé may say that he cannot eat with a group of friends at a non-kosher restaurant -- not because he prefers not to, but rather because he cannot, due to immutable Torah laws.Beyond this, at the end of the day, squelching one's spiritual yearnings is not something a human being can endure indefinitely, and it will inevitably lead to bitter resentment.Even happily married spouses will change in many areas over the course of a marriage, often at different rates.When a husband and wife are flexible people, they usually are able to adjust to each other's changes, so that they can give each other encouragement and support and maintain a loving and enriching marriage.Your letter describes many basic Jewish values that you and your fiancé have in common.Being Jewish is very important to both of you, and you both have a strong Jewish identity.

My fiancé began to keep Shabbat and kosher about two years ago.

They understand that each individual needs to connect with Judaism at his or her own pace, and will not advise you to do something you are not ready to undertake.


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