Dating websites for people with disabilities

Obtaining appropriate health care is crucial for everyone, but none more so than persons with a disability.The following articles by June Iaacson Kailes are powerful guides to taking and keeping control of your health care." Editor William G.

Preparing for Surgery : A Mind-Body Approach to Enhance Healing and Recovery by William W.Korsch, Caroline Harding, Hardcover - 304 pages Reprint edition (September 1998), Oxford Univ Pr (Trade).Looks at the ways doctors and patients communicate with each other, and how both sides of the interaction can be improved.Lists specific questions in key areas (research, prevention, nutrition and advocacy) which need answers.


Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions ( added 11/99) at Western University of Health Sciences is working to enhance health professions education, and to improve access for people with disabilities to health, health education and health care services.

This information includes disciplinary actions, but not malpractice histories. Memory Minder: Personal Health Journa, by Frances E. Wilkins, Paperback Revised edition (August 1993) Memory Minder.


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    If you ever see this term being used; you should avoid it.

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