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Search for current or past students of your college or school, or join clubs, exchange photos, and read blog entries from other users.

An online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities, high schools, or workplace.

Yuniti ( *my fav Myyearbook ( Orkut ( Hi5 ( Friendster ( Xanga ( Bebo ( My page: (if you want to get an idea of what it's like) Those aren't really 'dating sites' though.

They're social networking sites (meant for keeping in touch with friends and stuff, but people do meet others on them occassionaly).

I agree with the first answer (if you're 18 ).

Once you get clear about how much money (and time) you are willing to spend in your search, you are now ready to consider the following points.People with a valid email address from a supported college, high school, or company can register for Facebook and create a profile to share information, photos, and interests with their friends.A site's "similarity" is determined by how well its tag signature matches the tag signature that is being searched for.Free in this case does not necessarily mean that what you pay is what you get.

Many sites will tell you that Russian dating is just another conspiracy of the old regime.No matter who you are, where you are, or what your circumstances may be, there is some good advice floating around out there just for you.


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