Dating sim video game to be banned retailers single solenoid pneumatic actuator dating paintball

That means you should actually change any objectionable strings in the clean version at compile-time and not just run a filter over them at runtime.

"hot coffee" was a sex minigame in GTA San Andreas that was deactivated but not removed in the original release of the game.

However, I'm afraid those bad words will affect the age rating up to 17 , so I decided to censor bad words optionally.

This means player can enable bad words after confirming legal disclaimers.

But that means that you need to obtain separate ratings for both, submit both to different platforms, etc, etc.

To avoid another "hot coffee" situation, you should actually delete all objectionable content from the clean version and not just dummy it out.

This is actually quite common in the visual novel genre.

Optionally, you could publish two editions of your game, a "dirty" one and a "clean" one.Honestly, the fact that it's part dating sim will make them think twice. If your game is being released for PC, your game will be rated by the CSA and EOCS, simply because it has Dating Sim and Visual Novel content.However, if your game is for console or mobile, then it will be rated by the CERO instead, because they deal with any and all video games not on PC, as well as any PC Games not of the aforementioned genres.These guys have got to be the pickiest, most sensitive bunch who've ever rated anything ever. Note how I didn't put a specific board name for the Japanese.

I'm not saying your game is going to be banned, I'm just saying that you're wayyy more likely to get a higher rating from this particular board. That's because they, naturally, have 3 different ratings boards, 2 of which are specifically tasked with rating PC Games of the Dating Sim, Visual Novel and Eroge genres.Will this feature results more friendly age rating? Depends on the words and how excessively they're used.


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