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In the seaports, they have a central location that the women walk or bus to. I narrowed my 4000 interested down to 220 by selecting only from Eastern Ukraine.

Narrowed again by age, and again by hair color (I like brunettes) then looked carefully at their posture for photographs, and what they wore. Told 3 I was coming in a month which I did, told the glam 2 weeks.

I explained it is an American tradition to bring a small gift to the host.

A person has not seen genuine gratitude until you give a small gift of friendship to a Ukrainian woman. If anyone reading this is considering a Ukrainian tour, go to a livestock auction first, if you enjoy that, then a tour is for you.

This can be read in the first few words of the headline you see when you get the new message.


I chose a very beautiful lady and wrote her exclusively for over a year.All of the scam agencies above buy and sell photos, profiles of unknown women..When you look at the website of AFA/Love, under their DISCLAIMER, you will read that AFA DO NOT verify ANY OF THE WOMEN listed on their sites... Foreignladies is affiliated with AFA because AFA employee Joe Nails owns and runs the BS site..Profiles of ladies obtained from Find-Bride dating site and shared with 24 or 25 other online portals, including, but not limited to: when you think of it and many ladies DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEIR PROFILES ARE ON THESE OTHER SITES!!!! YOU WILL NEVER MEET A REAL WOMAN HERE FOR DATING, MARRIAGE OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WRITING LETTERS, CHATTING AND SPENDING YOUR MONEY.... They have sexy pictures, all made by professional photographers. Also many profiles have more kind of "regular pictures" taken by smartphones.

These are very often (99%) taken out of VK or FB profiles.

Got the agency distracted with that, flew into Donestk 2 days later. I messaged them with my location, and met them individualy.


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