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So yeah they will come out of the wood work thinking we will take anything. So seeing as how there are plenty of fish, the ones with that restriction get passed over. hi dont worry be happy, i have been on here for a while and i spend most of my time reading profiles then checking out pics,,im sure there is some one out there who would go crasy over you,,he may just not be on pof,,so i would try to get out there and mingle go to differant functions ,,enjoy ur life as it is and if its meant to be u will find your man,,now im going to take my own advise and get out and mingle..

be well ,live love laugh,,ladies who cares about some looser or perv , you are who you are and if these clowns think something else then they can ef off. As for the guys that just want big boobs or think your desperate then all i can say is that they are the losers.

Our price has been gathered from one of our sources (authors, publishers, etc.) and is being displayed on an informational basis, not as a guaranteed price.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Our price has been gathered from one of our sources (authors, publishers, etc.) and is being displayed on an informational basis, not as a guaranteed price.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Your profile seems fine to me, I would update the pics only cause they seem fuzzy.. I also want to commend you on your fight to better health, it's a very difficult road. Wish you all the best ladies and don't settle for jerks like that. Face it with time and age gravity takes over lol and our looks start to fade. I think it's more about the person, and who you are...confident and strong, and show that you are worth the best! I was looking at your profile and I found this: Age between 18 and 40Live in Canada Must not have messaged users looking for intimate encounters or sex. What I mean by that..that I'm not here just looking for a one night not interested in hearing from guys that put only looking for sex or intimate encounters on their profile.

And the eyes are blue, I know I look like a freak but oh well. I dont think there are 2 many fellas looking for a gal my age either. I am a happy and positive gal and by this time next summer or way sooner..body will be more fabulous than it already is.... The one thing i have a hard time is the guys that catch and release even after a few dates cause the truth is that if i want to" get me some" i do know how to do it. Maybe, I'll try removing the must not have contacted for IE etc. (other than the obvious that it's on their profile)That's a dam* good question and I hope someone answers it.

Also thanks for the health issue and your right, its a long difficult road but all I know is that if it didnt hurt I wouldnt learn nothin. Well, I think your profile sounds good but maybe I'm not the right person to judge. I have to say I've been fortunate, I don't get too many but then again what's too many right? It seems I must have messaged someone for sex at some point because the system won't let me message anyone with that restriction.

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