Dating florida law


Most states won’t consider fault when dividing property.

However, if one spouse spent thousands on jewelry, clothing, or trips for a lover, a judge will likely consider those expenditures when awarding assets in a divorce.

So if your new relationship destroyed your marriage, you may have to pay additional spousal support—or be prohibited from asking for support—as a result.

You may believe that a new relationship will actually benefit your kids, but a judge may not.

If a judge believes your ex, you could have limitations placed on your custody or visitation time because of any alleged danger the new person poses to your children.

In some states, older children are allowed to express a preference about custody.

A rebound relationship can be a bad idea for many reasons—including your divorce.

Some spouses are often hurt when their marriage ends, and have no interest in pursuing a new relationship.


Also, be careful about inviting your new partner to events or places where you’re likely to run into your former spouse.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes divorcing couples can make is bringing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to a mediation.


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