Dating essex boys


"Jason needed a new shirt, the geezer needed a new face," is the laconic comment of Charlie Creed-Miles's moronic nerd, a minicab driver who's soon employed ferrying Sean Bean's Jason, a hard man fresh out of prison for armed robbery, around Essex's muddy marshlands and Southend's jazzy amusement malls to let rival gangsters know the competition is back.


The Templars were defeated 1260 - Witness Richard le Utlawe - Essex - Grant of Rent William de Wateville to John de Vallibus and his heirs of land in Hempstead, Essex witnessed by Sir Nicholas Peche, Sir Andrew de Helyun, Sir Simon Peche, Philip de Codree, John de Bosco, Richard de Kanne, Richard le Utlawe, Hugh de Sanford, Roger de Reymes, Geoffrey de Bello, Simon Clericus - 44 Henry III Some questions might be : Why are all these (important) people gathered together for this occasion of a rental agreement? Essex, Hempstead.- Grant of a rent and quitclaim for the release of annual payment, William de Watevile to John de Vallibus, his wife Alice and his heirs by her: grant of four shillings rent in Hempstead to be taken from a half-virgate of land in Hempstead which William de Estone held of Watevile, and quitclaim of two shillings rent from the tenement in Hempstead of Alan Lovesone, to hold of Watevile for a pound of pepper on 25 December for all services, in return for a release by John and Alice of an annual payment of a buck and a doe and ten cartloads of wood which he is bound to make to them and their heirs from his park of Hempstead, witnesses: Sir Nicholas Peche, Sir Andrew de Helyun, Hugh de Sanford and others, manuscript in Latin, on vellum, 16 lines, green wax seal appended showing a mounted knight with raised sword leaping a star with the legend Sigill Willelmi de [Watevi]le, some wear, chipped, docket on verso: this is a dede of honnor to rattewell, folds, a little creased and planet, 102 x 178mm., [c. 1169 - Bromholm Priory - House of Glanville - Charter of Bartholomew de Glanville To Bromholme Priory - Walter Utlage " And two thirds of the tithes of my men: that is, of my uncle by the mother, Roger de Bertuna: And of Geoffrey, priest of Honinges: and Turstan despensatoris: Warini de Torp, Ricardi Hurel, .

Tom Wilkinson, as the "nice spoken" crook-cumlanded gent, packs a double-barrelled punch more convincingly than when he reminiscences fondly to Bean's two-timing moll (Alex Kingston) about the county's "sharp, hard" girls and laments: "What I wouldn't give to have my youth again in Essex." The rest of the women have little to do save let their knickers fall round their ankles and act as mattresses for the menfolk.

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Incredibly, it thanks the Essex constabulary for its cooperation: can't any copper there read a film script and sense that assisting its shooting will simply add to the baleful glamour of criminality?

We hear assurances, day in, day out, from the Home Office and Downing Street, that thuggishness will not be tolerated.

9th of King John * The Norfolk antiquarian miscellany - West Runton - Beeston Regis - Hindringham - "Hindringham Outlagh Manor" 1240 - Adam fil' Symon v. his son, who died in 1240, leaving, by Eva his wife, several children; Gilbert was his eldest son and heir, but this was given to Robert Pecche, his fourth son, who held it in 1286, in which year he claimed view of frankpledge, and assize of bread and ale of all his tenants.


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