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The seat post had been shimmed with a narrow, inadequate shim, so both the post and tube were distorted.The seat post was beyond repair, but an appropriate post was easy to find.The Normandy hubs shown above, with 27" Mavic clincher rims, were on the bike when I bought it.



The owner presumably didn't like dealing with tubular tires, so he replaced the nice Campy/Weinmann wheels with cheapo Normandy/Mavic ones.

I don't like doing this; it has a kind of counterfeit feel to it, but there really is no other choice.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful Allegro web site (click here), which has been a big help.

The bottom bracket, for example, has French dimensions, but unlike French BBs, the fixed cup uses a left-hand thread. Other parts, however, (such as the hub's freewheel threads--thank heavens! The frame looked pretty good, superficially, since it seemed to have been painted well.

It was, however, the kind of thick, heavy paint job that you get at a cheap car-painting emporium. I could hear rust rattling around in the top tube and some of the stays.The pedals fit tightly, and are difficult to remove.


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