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"The Administration's economic pol- icies," the resolution continued, "adds up to class warfare against the dis- advantaged, the poor and the working people of America. Starting with pay- ments for January, 1983, the payment will go up another 30, for a total of 270. In contrast to this kind of program, the AFL-CIO said, "The Reagan Ad- ministration response to rising unem- ployment is to resurrect Herbert Hoo- ver's economic policies of 50 years ago with additional budget cuts that will further weaken demand, reduce output, and destroy more jobs. Be- ginning this month, the monthly AFL- CIO per capita tax paid by the Broth- erhood and by other affiliates on their US membership increased from 190 per member to 240. (Joan and Al are staying at the Hampshire House hotel, since she says his Sutton Place apartment is too small.)November. Joan sends over some gaudy green and yellow furniture (plus fake ivy) to Christina's first apartment on the far East Side in NYC. Joan's 15-year-old son Christopher is arraigned in New York, along with 3 other boys, on charges of juvenile delinquency, for shooting air rifles while joy-riding and slightly injuring a girl.After a 3-week extended trip in America to establish Joan's son Christopher in a new school in Arizona and to attend to business, Al returns to London for Thanksgiving. (Chris has been staying in New York with a child psychiatrist.)August 14. (Anna Bell and Joan's brother Hal had been living together at 105 S. in Los Angeles.) She is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.When he appeared for arraignment yesterday before Municipal Judge Martin Kats, Johnson complained that he had been "assaulted" by a police sergeant.Ha exhibited a bruise on his left wrist caused, he said, by handcuffs being clamped tightly on him.


The AFL-CIO listed five areas of expanded activity: more involvement in public affairs through creation of an Institute for Public Affairs and a continuation of regional conferences, reaflfiliation with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, construction of a George Meany Me- morial Library and Archives, ex- panded political education programs, and continued cooperative organizing drives, like the one currently under- way in Houston, Texas. Lawrence, MA — Bruno Andrews, Jo- seph Maugeri, David E.

The children all have Thanksgiving dinner with the Chadwicks. Christina is driven straight to Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. Joan, spending New Year's Eve alone on the empty set of Female on the Beach, receives a "Happy Holidays" call from Pepsi executive Alfred Steele in Las Vegas.

(A few days later, his impending divorce from Wife 2 is announced in the papers.)May 9.

But when Miss Crawford's car was called for at the theater entrance and Johnson was in it when it arrived there, he was seized by William F.

Combs, chief security officer for Paramount, and was placed under arrest with the help of eight uniformed policemen. Johnson, who gave his occupation as purchaser and said he is employed by a small company which makes camera equipment, protested that Miss Crawford assured him yesterday he "could sit in her car any time I want to."At last I'm home from Atlanta and before old routine gets to me I must tell you how deeply I appreciated the graciousness which prompted you to call me long distance.

Johnson protested that he had already viewed the studio screening of the picture.


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