Dating agency for millionaires

On Monday evening, the 11 men of the syndicate who wished to be identified arrived at the somewhat modest Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel, on the eve of the press conference where they would ‘go public’.

Camelot provided a ‘celebration dinner’ and overnight stay.

On Tuesday, there was the time-honoured Camelot photo call with the giant cheque and the popping champagne corks. As the press conference wore on, back at a house on one of Corby’s new housing developments, the man who was named in early reports as the 12th member of the syndicate stayed behind closed doors with his girlfriend. I thought I’d never have the money to get out of Corby.’Charles Connor, the son of Glaswegian parents, is planning the wedding he could not afford till now.

No one answered the door when I called — which led to another intriguing development. But, no, I wouldn’t accept a penny, not a penny.’Alex Robertson, who grew up in Glasgow and now has 16 grandchildren, plans to treat his 78-year-old mother to a holiday in Australia — once he renews his passport. Mr Connor, a father-of-three, expressed little regret at leaving his job, saying the hours — 14 hours a day, at times — are ‘horrendous’.


When the numbers came up, they paused the remote control to check — and check again.Millionaires who own permanent seats at the Royal Albert Hall are swapping tips on how to tout their tickets on controversial websites for huge profits.


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