Dating after the death of your spouse


Getting Through Grief and Moving On Ben Brewer, Psy D, a psychotherapist in Denver who specializes in grief and loss, says there is no universal answer to the question, When is the “right” time to begin a new relationship after the death of a partner?“Every person experiences a unique grief process,” he says, and the grieving process is influenced by many factors, including: When Friends and Family React to Your Dating You might feel that it’s time for you to find a new partner, but you’re worried about what friends and family will think.Once you find someone to date you can address the emotions that come along with starting to date following the loss of a spouse.You may experience guilt as you enter into new relationships but with time, guilt will dissipate, because your spouse would want you to be happy.“Sometimes this guilt is a sign that you could be moving too quickly into a new relationship,” he says.“Therapy can be useful if your guilt is severe, but you can also choose not to begin a new relationship until you're further along in your grieving process.” Starting a new relationship early in the process may be an attempt to escape feelings of grief and loss, which can sometimes delay grief, Brewer notes.When you're ready to date, celebrate your courage and the new possibilities as you begin this next chapter in your life.



Talk with them and understand their feelings first.

In younger children, behavior changes can indicate feelings that you, as a parent, need to explore with them; you may want to consider family counseling to help you and your child handle the strong feelings that may arise.


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