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A more recent core problem has been the combat overhaul.


The above is also why DF: UW gets laughable indifference from so many EVE players.If you ever want a place to throw out death threats without consequence, Darkfall is your place.Hell, it already has an Erotica1 clone running rampant, without that pesky CCP getting in the way of those community-building torture sessions.The final and minor side note is how AV handles their community.

The most toxic members are left unchecked, especially in-game, where global chat will drive away anyone who has evolved beyond 8 grade gym humor and the lowest of internet meme trash.

The only reason the abuse isn’t nearly as bad as you might expect right now is because of the above point; the playerbase doesn’t have the top-tier talent to create the best builds quickly, but those who remain will eventually get there.



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