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The question is how women feel about crossdressing.My Mistress/wife likes to crossdress me and i have come to enjoy it as well.Ive not been in that situation but I would hope that I would be supportive.I dont think I would actually fall for someone who was a cross dresser when i met them, but again you never know. Cross dressing has absolutely nothing to do with sexual preference to some people.


Seriously if the OP's wife is on board with his/her extracurricular activities then I don't think he's doing any one any harm...

lol)It definitely does make me feel domme when he does dress up, but I don't think it's made me feel as though our relationship is less equal because of it... I volunteer in a charity shop and I love to look out for sexy undies for him to wear for me. You've mistakenly assumed that clothing determines sexual orientation. I know it’s a shame we don’t fit neatly into one of your categories, but such is the way of the world.


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