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The problem was that's business model was to charge users for many of its features, including actually connecting with and contacting your classmates -- things that more recent social networks have always allowed for free.However, if you ever used for anything, you've probably been spammed with emails for years, each one claiming that your classmates are looking for you, or had recently viewed your profile.I'm suspecting that the company is punishing me for "not so positive" comments about their increasingly clunky website.As far as I know, there is no way to identify 'paid members' who are the only ones that search capability works for so I can ask them to try their search features.Some folks, however, believed the emails and upgraded.And, now, one of those who upgraded his account to see which classmates were trying to contact him, discovered (surprise, surprise) that was lying to him. That means I will never see who visited, remembered me, etc.



This time, I have lost the capability to use the "All Yearbooks" search option, or to advance from an initial page display to the next page. All of the classmates I talk with I have their phone or email address. I called and they said they would remove the Auto Renew feature but, can not refund a membership once paid???? I quit using Classmates several years ago due the it's in adequate performance and difficulty in using it. On January ninth 2017 classmates withdrew 48 dollars from my bank account for an automatic withdrawal that I had not authorized. The lady I talked to said she would redeem my account 24 dollars right away.


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