Christelle dating

When Cristela accidentally reveals the secret, this causes a rift between all three of them.Cristela tries to get Henry into American culture, and the perfect opportunity arises when Maddie has extra box seat tickets to see West Side Story.Meanwhile, Henry and Izzy face off to see who can sell the most candy bars for a school fundraiser.


Meanwhile, Felix tries to convince Daniela he's romantic and sensitive.

Josh mistakes a joke for an earnest invitation, and ends up unknowingly crashing the family tamale party.

Despite some chaos, Josh and Cristela both agree that they enjoy seeing each other outside of work.

On Halloween, Cristela wants to demonstrate her party-planning skills for Mr. After Cristela fails to convince Josh, Maddie agrees to be "Hall" to Cristela's "Oates", but Maddie unwittingly ruins it.


Meanwhile, Natalia's hatred of Halloween makes her celebrate the Day of the Dead, and ironically, her stories make her the most popular Halloween attraction in the neighborhood.

At home, Daniela helps a clueless Natalia learn about the internet so she can communicate with a relative in Mexico.


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