Chris brown cassie dating pakistan dating customs

If you haven't heard about their fight, it allegedly started because Drake was flirting with Diddy's longtime girlfriend (and , it would seem), Cassie.

Wait, am I the only one who missed the train on the Diddy/Cassie relationship?

Kae added “I think people are intimated by the drama (from my past relationship) and not wanting to deal with it because it’s an ongoing story.

I’m very guarded and very too myself.” Who can blame her for feeling that way?

Unfortunately, it seems like Drake is going to be left off of the guest list.

Karrueche Tran, 27, is opening up about her love life – or lack thereof – since breaking up with Chris Brown, 26, in March 2015.


A member of Breezy’s crew even threatened singer Marques Houston, 34, after he left innocent comment on a social media picture where Kae was flashing her booty in a thong bikini.“I haven’t really explored dating yet and I’m not sure if I’m mentally there just because of all the stuff that I’ve been through.


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