Childless women dating fathers

A woman with a kid is a lot of baggage to take on for a serious relationship, he's essentially becoming a father to a kid he didn't even father.It's much easier for single dads because most don't have custody of their kids so they can and women are more tolerant of that than men.I do know that if given the choice between an attractive single mom and an attractive childless mom that men would choose the latter.And I know that when I was single and childless I would have NOT dated a single father for many of the reasons described in this thread, yet again I knew single fathers who did not "want" for women either even if I didn't want them.It's very interesting seeing the responses on here.I know many women that are single moms(comes with the territory now since I have a child of my own and connect with other moms as well) and I'd say 80% of these moms have no issue getting dates, 50% have gotten married or engaged to men that were not the biological father, and 20% are in long term relationships, and the other 10% are dating but don't seem concerned about not meeting the right man.



I think unfortunately singlemomdom(is that a word lol) is going to become more of a "thing", with divorce rates as it is, the number of people cohabiting, and so on.i would definitely date someone with a kid.I don't doubt, however, that some single women have found themselves having to "settle" if they were desperate enough, but again in terms of the females I know and described many of them who dated childless men were dating men in their league.Typically, it seems like it is the uneducated, or minimum wage single mom's who may end up dating men that aren't catches in society's eyes.For instance one girl I know who had a baby in highschool and who is now married(not to the biological father) is with an average blue collar earner, but she works in retail and never went to college.


I also know a girl with three kids, who married man that doesn't make very much either and isn't considered cream of crop--but this girl is shady. D and became a single mother, married a man within her profession, who had been friends with her prior to her getting pregnant. And one of my very best friends, who happens to be a nurse, is engaged to an electrician. And he is actually pretty attractive--granted he is 7 years older than her(she is 26).But in the mommy circles I hang out with(since I am a mom) most of the women are educated and are with men of similar financial standing.


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