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What are your thoughts in the great Breastfeeding Debate? wonderful news for all potential Lionheart readers out there, the excellent Cherry Healey will be writing a piece for issue one.To kick off BBC Three’s Bringing Up Britain season, Cherry Healey (Cherry Goes Dating, Cherry Gets Married) presents a revealing and compelling documentary that explores both sides of the breastfeeding debate which will air Tuesday 12 April on BBC3 at pm.Breastfeeding is, for some, a taboo subject and it often provokes controversy.

During her investigation, Cherry also meets one of the country’s leading paediatricians; asks why the UK has such low breastfeeding rates; and finds out what happens when breastfeeding mums go back to work. is part of BBC Three’s Bringing Up Britain Season, on TV and online.The presenter also confronts her own demons when she meets 19-year-old Emma who, like Cherry, finds breastfeeding painful and is struggling to feed baby Olivia.Through Emma’s “night cam” filming, viewers witness the gruelling four-hourly feeds, the sleep deprivation and anguish of this young mum, who only wants to do the best for her baby.I interviewed Cherry a little while ago (found here) and she has been ever so supportive of my scribing and Lionheart Magazine from seedling stage.

Cherry is a television presenter, writer, wife and mother.

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