Charlie hofheimer dating


But she sleeps with him—and Peggy became pregnant and got a Don Draper-size secret of her own.

This relationship never was going to work: He didn't treat her with respect until much later, when she lost respect for him.

There’s possibility there.” Miranda Otto plays outgoing CTU director Rebecca Ingram.

“It’s unnerving to me how many things we touch on in the show are becoming incredibly hot topics at this moment,” she said. We don’t give answers — there are complications, but at the end of the day, this is one day, so there’s not a lot of time to process things or pull them apart.” Coto and executive producer Evan Katz couldn’t help but draw on events unfolding in the outside world for a little inspiration.

“I’m using it a lot for the show,” said Raphael Acloque, the French actor who plays the university-educated son of a jihadist who takes up his father’s mantle after his father’s death.

“Because of my background, it all hits very close to home — my father is Catholic, my mother is Muslim.” Charlie Hofheimer — who you might remember as Peggy Olsen’s boyfriend in the latter seasons of “Mad Men” — strutted the grey carpet with a sticker on his lapel: a circle with the word “Ban” struck out by a red line.


“I couldn’t not have something,” Hofheimer said of his gesture of protest against President Trump’s executive order. There are times when saying nothing is still saying something, and to be part of a show that is in that conversation is something I’m proud of.” Anna Diop plays Eric’s wife Nicole; and while it’s tempting to shut out the events of the wider world, she said, “I don’t think it’s a time to rest — I think it’s a time to stand up, to resist, to protest, to band together.

“We’re not worried; it’d be nice if things were going well, but as the season ends, ‘24’ is actually reflecting and expanding on what’s going on.


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