Books like jessica guide to dating on the dark side

Jessica was really not up to the task at all for the first half of the book.I was starting to lose interest in the story at some points, though learning about Raniero’s backstory and Mindy’s own detective work and their romance made up for it a little.With the wedding novella that followed, it seemed that things were left pretty well tied up with Jessica and Lucius.So it was a pleasant surprise to find another book in the Jessica series, and to see what happened after the wedding.And, while Jessica does ultimately rise to the occasion, the book ends before we know if she will actually become Queen.The book is beautifully written and staged, leaving the reader hoping for a third book telling us how it all ends for Jessica and Lucius, Mindy and Rainero, and Vampire nation.When Lucius becomes the chief suspect in a murder against his archenemy, Jessica must take charge to clear Lucius’ s name before it’s too late.


Overall, the sequel has action, character growth, and humor, but lacks some of the spark that made the first book special.

Part of the charm in the first book is Lucius’s letters to his uncle, and we do get to see some of that again with his letters to Raniero.


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