Bebo dating review


It calls for supervised injection facilities with on-site supervision for people who inject drugs, and programmes for heroin-substitute therapy.


He sold his first tech business for a six-figure sum at 15, moved to San Francisco, and at 18 launched an online game that made him a millionaire.

But it showed how the right kind of talent, drive, and enthusiasm can reap rewards in this incredibly fast-moving world.

And it was thrilling to see Exton get her dreams a step closer to being realised.

He was also living proof that the winds of tech fortune are fickle.


Six months before, a new version of his game had been attracting multi-million dollar offers of investment that were now drying up quicker than a Silicon Valley rain shower.

Originally designed as Facebook app, has grown into a successful online dating site which gets 250,000 Australian members yearly.


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