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If more than one numbered folder heading appears, edit the file so that all Symantec products appear under the same numbered folder heading.On Symantec Anti Virus servers, delete files: Browse to the directory where Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition is installed and identify files with an extension.Confirm that the numbered folder heading inside the square brackets [ ] matches the folder referenced by the "Cur Defs" line in the file.Confirm that there is a single square bracket around the heading.Read the document How to revert to the previous definition set using Symantec System Center for instructions.Problems with virus definitions may prevent Symantec Anti Virus from communicating with the Symantec System Center.It’s a large order, one that as we’ll see Microsoft won’t completely deliver on, but they’re going to get fairly close to.



Download and run the yyyymmdd-version-x86file (yyyymmdd-version indicates the date and version of the definition file).- The number of Scan Omission errors in the Event Log is larger than normal.


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