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Before embarking on the challenge, they were given some basic training in survival via a bootcamp.

Among the famous faces taking part are: Thom, Dom, Zoe, The Hotel’s Mark Jenkins, The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright, Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Dawn Harper, selfie queen Karen Danczuk, Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Lock, JLS star Aston Merrygold, and comedienne Josie Long.

’.“No disrespect to Westlife at all, but we were like, ‘Why didn’t we get Beyoncé?

’.”The 28-year-old went on to have a successful career with JLS, who won MOBO and Brit Awards after placing second on the ITV show. At the time, I was 19 and I was absolutely fuming - behind closed doors I was fuming. ”ITV are yet to confirm this year’s duets but fans have been speculating.

After running out of water and ending up lost in the jungle, they had to call for help twice within hours of arriving.

And this week, things don't seem to be going much better.

But Aston still doesn’t understand why the group weren’t given an act as high-profile as Queen B. Nicole Scherzinger may sing with her act Matt Terry, 5 After Midnight could perform with Little Mix, who are the only group to have won the X Factor, while Saara Aalto is rumoured to be singing alongside runner-up on American Idol, Adam Lambert.

Aston admitted he was not impressed that his rival was able to sing a duet with Beyonce whilst JLS were given fellow group, Westlife.The singer was spotted romancing Emma over a cosy lunch date, where the pair enjoyed an intimate meal at San Carlo Cicchetti, an Italian restaurant in Manchester.Back in 2010, when Aston turned 22, he revealed that Emma was on his top list of crushes, telling one magazine: "I'd love birthday kisses from Emma Rigby, Frankie from The Saturdays and Justin Timberlake's protegee Esmee Denters."After finishing their lunch, Aston was seen leaving the restaurant ahead of the actress, before chivalrously returning in his Ferrari to pick her up at the front of the venue.Speaking on BUILD Series LDN, the singer recalled: “I was fuming.

Listen, Westlife were amazing at the time and we had one of the biggest songs ever, but we were like, ‘How’s she got Beyoncé?is a British singer, songwriter, dancer and television personality.


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