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Double-click this file and it should open in the Console application, and the most recent entries might reveal what’s going on.

Before Adobe introduced its Aperture import plugin, you could transfer work manually, and this is how I used to recommend you did it.

For instance, choose a date such as the end of the month and then import all new pictures into Lightroom, continuing to use Aperture only for earlier images.

Choose a folder in Pictures or somewhere sensible, and then tell Aperture how it should create subfolders.

If you want your Aperture project structure to be reflected in the new folder structure, or want a date-based folder structure, Relocate Originals / Masters has suitable options.

This means that you need to add a custom image to a post should you wish to display the image with the post.


If you decline to add an image to a post, it will not be displayed and won’t disrupt the theme in any way.Although Aperture won’t export all its metadata, there are ways around it: I am no Apple Script expert but I have an script which handles the colour labels and the flags.



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