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Sadly, this came after a earlier date, where the guy she had dinner with paid £175 for the night after Ferne spent the majority of the night putting tequila slammers on the bill.'You've gotta be a gent! Professional matchmaker Nadia also defended Ferne's excitement over dating a banker saying: "Yeah she likes the sounds of a successful guy who has his shit together". Trump attacks media in lengthy, combative press conference Oops, Someone Got the Official Nintendo Switch Earlier Than Expected What are analysts Suggestions on: Pfizer Inc.


And we're SO excited (and keen to get all the off-camera gossip!

If Ciaran was a poor man, then maybe she would have to show more consideration of it.’ ‘I think he felt a little emasculated and intimidated,’ Love Guru, Nadia added.

Yes - our absolute fave dating show (sorry First Dates!

The response from fans came thick and fast and Ferne took to Twitter to defend herself, claiming all scenes aside from dates are "scripted".

In a now deleted tweet, she wrote: "Wohhhhh all the gold digger and materialistic tweets..pieces past camera (in between dates) are scripted".READ MORE CELEBRITY NEWS ‘He’s a banker he’s 26, he’s got properties, he lives in Canary wharf.


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