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"GOD means God of Diversity," he says of his philosophy.

"I respect Muslims, I respect Christians and I respect Jews, [but] religion is a business that exploits the faith of the believers, and I don't want anything between me and my creator."Despised by African politicians, targeted by religious zealots, but loved by internationalists and deprived communities, Blondy arrives in London this weekend for one of the biggest concerts of his career.

The group called attention to several other scheduled speakers at the event who had extremist backgrounds.

The Middle East Forum said MAS-ICNA confirmed Ellison’s cancellation from the event.

Other scheduled speakers at the MAS-ICNA convention have made derogatory statements towards gays, women and Israel in the past, according to the Middle East Forum.

Ellison has strong ties to the Muslim American Society, which was reported on by Alpha News in July.


Not only is he one of the important figures in African music, he is also a peace campaigner with a constituency that stretches from Jamaica to Jerusalem.

Drawing on a Dunhill and sipping port, a foreign ambassador sits in an alcove of a Paris hotel bar, pondering the latest Middle East peace talks.

But this roving diplomat dresses like a Rastafarian, speaks English, Mandingo and French, sings in Hebrew to Arab audiences and chants Muslim prayers to Zionist Jews.

From Open and the Center for Responsive Politics: “Kaplan and his wife have contributed more than 3,100 to federal candidates, parties and committees since 1989, including the legal maximum of ,200 to Obama last cycle and ,000 to Clinton since her 2000 U. The Kaplan’s wrote in The Hill on December 7: “The Democratic Party is at a crossroads.

Voter turnout in this month’s election was at a 24-year low.

Nearly 45 percent of voting-age citizens simply failed to show up to vote in the presidential election.


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