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We follow Viorel to his meeting with Katia’s captor and from there into the world of trafficked women.

Interwoven with Viorel’s story, we meet other victims, traffickers and the families that have been torn apart by the trade in human flesh.

Ukrainians most at risk of trafficking are from rural areas with limited access to employment opportunities and are often targeted by Ukrainian recruiters using fraud, coercion, and debt bondage.



To secure his wife’s release, after days of desperate efforts, Viorel poses as a trafficker and sets out to buy his wife back.

Ukrainian victims are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour in Ukraine as well as in Russia, Poland, Iraq, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Republic of Seychelles, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Moldova, China, United Arab Emirates, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, and other countries.

Ukrainian women and children are subjected to sex trafficking within the country.

Her final stop was Britain where she was put to work in a north London sauna.


“Natasha” was finally freed from her nightmare in a police raid, a year after her abduction.Among the organisation's programmes is the National Trainer’s Network, a group of 260 trainers who provide events for specialists and children in 13 regions of Ukraine.


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