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The message we've just sent the world is crystal clear: Go on a killing spree, and we will submit. Whoever throws the biggest tantrum gets whatever he wants.It seems, then, that something isn't right about Nadir, and that some of his behavior may not be his fault.When I think about this, I don't want to start a series on Nadir.


He knows I'm doing a series of videos and articles on him, so he sent me his favorite picture of himself to use in my posts.It's just not nice to attack someone whose faculties aren't functioning properly.And yet, just when I think I can't go through with it, Nadir sends Mike Licona (a historical Jesus scholar and a close friend of mine) an unprovoked email, calling Mike a "dork." It's times like this that make me realize that psychological disorders are irrelevant here.Now we find out that we MUST hold Islamic beliefs "sacred." Sharia is sacred to Muslims.

The belief that Muhammad is a prophet is sacred to Muslims. It seems that if Muslims hold slaughtering unbelievers, killing apostates, beating wives, raping women, and sex with prepubescent girls "sacred," we must do the same.Here's the training material to accompany the slides: Subject: Mandatory Training Importance: High Please see attached training module, this training is mandatory and must be completed by all onsite personnel by 10 March 2012.



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