Student couple cam

Plus, with all of the couples in the series, they remain a constant for viewers, which makes for a great strength of schedule.

(2) Jim and Pam (“The Office”)Another fan favorite that earned a high seeding, Jim and Pam defined relationship goals in the workplace.

We only saw seven episodes out of the entire 208 where the two weren’t together.

We met them as a unit and that’s how we knew them, pretty much from the pilot until the finale.

Lily and Marshall are the clear front-runner in the tournament.

It was love at first sight for Lilypad and Marshmallow during their first year of college in 1996.


Unlike Lily and Marshall, we don’t meet Jim and Pam as a couple, which plays a big role in our investment in them as a couple, as we spend three seasons hoping and praying for them to finally get the timing right and date.

Their strong strength of schedule helps them out though, as there are lots of quality couples in Pawnee.(4) Coach Taylor and Tami (“Friday Night Lights”)Texas’ royal family, Coach Eric and Tami Taylor run the town of Dillon.


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