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): people were connecting after a party to go further in a potential relationship.

In the case of geolocalization-based features (like Tinder), this thirst is satisfied even any event: in a way, the networks becomes the reason to connect.

Operating a chat application in China requires following laws and regulations on content control and monitoring.

Accordingly, the popularity of We Chat has also been met with suspicions of surveillance and media reports of censorship.

Despite these concerns, there is limited technical research into the operation and scale of content monitoring and filtering.

In this report, we provide the first systematic analysis of keyword censorship and URL filtering on We Chat to determine how the app filters content and the type of content that is blocked.

In the case of We Chat, because the UX is finally extremely simple, and already powerful, we can only bet on more users.

We Chat defines a new territory for social networks.

It's a tremendous transformation of a classic state of mind and one of the key drivers on why we turn to social networks: the "I am bored" attitude.

The network offers you an easy movement to perform that transforms your phone into a snowglobe that connects you to people like you.


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