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There was the Fuck Art and Pimp exhibition, where Angela Marshall offered her drawings for blow jobs (later unveiled as a spoof), the show Was Jesus a Homosexual?

, and the time Decima’s joint curators Alex Chappel and David West gratecrashed the Tate dressed as a pantomime cow to "make people think".

NCFY: Make it clear that everyone, both boys and girls, deserves to be in a relationship that is respectful and supportive.

Futures Without Violence developed a free safety card in English and Spanish you can order online and hand out to youth in your program, and has a helpful concept-mapping activity to teach youth about healthy relationships.

Decima steadily continued organising and participating in projects during 2000-2007, albeit far less frequently.

During this time, those involved with Decima became involved with other offshoot and related projects. Decima opened an art gallery in a former peanut factory in London's Hackney Wick area In March 2008, Decima began a collaboration with local galleries Elevator and Residence and local studios to plan a local Arts Festival, called Hackney Wicked.

In 2005, The Upstairs Gallery in Clerkenwell Green, London was opened by Alex Chappel and Fiona Watson while the Guy Hilton Gallery was opened in Spitalfields, London, and an art / book sales website was launched by David C. On 8 August, The first Hackney Wicked festival went ahead.

Decima have occupied various physical spaces since 1997 and have also staged a number of projects hosted by other venues, in London and around the world, including major London spaces such as the Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Whitechapel Gallery. West along with Alex Chappel formed a "media terrorist" group called a.r.t. "We use the media as a canvas for art", explained David C.

Decima have also staged many conceptual, event-based and media-based projects. West: The gallery was first occupied on 31 August 1997 by Guy Hilton, Philip Hunt, Alex Chappel and Matthew John Andrew.As well as exhibitions, in 2009 Decima also organised various film projects, performance projects, art fairs, live music events and even a Berlin rave.


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