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Let’s remind you that live sex chat websites use adobe Flash on PC or Macintosh.

Consequently, whatever the mobile phone (HTC one evo, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumi, Iphone, LG optimus, Blackberry, Motorola…) you are not going to get all features that can be found on a live sex chat website for PC or Mac.

Click here to join camcontacts Adobe Flash vs HTML5: Today, all mobile phones use the HTML5 technology rather than adobe Flash.

When you enter a live sex chat on a mobile phone, you are using the HTML5 technology whatever the mobile phone operating system (Ios, Android or Microsoft Windows mobile).

On the other hand, their “computer” versions use adobe flash.

That’s logical because adobe Flash is not supported by Iphone IOS and Android.

Thks to your account you will access one-to-one chats.

It means that a camcontacts mobile version customer has to choose a private chat (one to one) to chat with a woman.

This is due to the fact that HTML5 is limited as compared to Adobe Flash.

Missing live sex chat features on mobile devices: It means you have to type what you want to say to a webcam model. All the camgirls websites use html5 for their mobile application.

is the adult webcam chat website with the largest number of camgirls on the net with at least 700 live camgirls at anytime of the day.


I have tested the mobile version livejasmin with an iphone and an android mobile phone.If the old chat is down - many will migrate to the sex chat space system.


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